Front panel and carrier plate technology

In our in-house CNC milling department, we are able to fulfil almost every customer requirement. Our trained employees work using high-speed CNC machines, which are distinguished by their high level of precision and efficiency.

We also perform other mechanical machining operations in this department, including various surface treatments or the assembly of fixings (pressed-in threaded bolts, etc.).

If required, we are able to finish machined parts with any industrial finish, such as powder coating, wet coating, screen printing, engraving, aluminium anodisation (all colours), sub-eloxal printing, chromatisation, vibratory grinding, barrel finishing, etc.

Example of a front panel with powder coating

Example of a black-anodised carrier plate with mounted fixings

Example of a powder-coated front panel with the highest surface quality

We can also provide font panels with seals. A polymer seal can be injected into a pre-milled groove, for example, or a profile sealing cord glued into it. The result is the perfect seal, guaranteed.

No matter whether the design is spherical, bent or flat, we fulfil every customer wish.